Armed Forces Medical College, Pune

About AFMC

Armed Forces Medical College is a premier medical institute of India acknowledged as a Centre of excellence for education and research. The college provides training to under-graduate and post-graduate medical and nursing students with assured career prospects in the defense services.

The institute was set up on 01 May 1948 by an act of parliament of India on the recommendations of the BC Roy Committee by the amalgamation of various defence medical organizations. The "Graduate Wing" of AFMC was established on 04 August 1962 to provide a sustainable and steady intake of medical officers for the Indian Armed Forces.

AFMC has the distinction of being the first medical college set up by the Armed Forces of any country in Asia. The college is a unique institution which combines medical education with training specific to the health care needs of the Armed Forces. AFMC has been consistently rated among the top three medical colleges in India by surveys published by reputed newsmagazines for the past decade. It has received accreditation from NAAC with ‘A’ Grading.

The college is located in an environment friendly campus stretching over 119 Acres near Ramtekri in eastern Pune. Apart from well-maintained gardens, the campus is home to an interesting mix of heritage buildings as well as ultramodern facilities. The campus is provided with all essential amenities such as a swimming pool, cinema theatre, cafeteria, general stores and shopping Centre, crèche and nursery school, places of religious worship, gymnasium and facilities for all outdoor as well as indoor sports.

At present, the college is conducting 89 training courses. At any given time almost 280 post graduate trainees are engaged in research and academic activities of the highest standard under the stewardship of highly qualified and accomplished members of the faculty at AFMC and affiliated teaching hospitals.

The Patron of AFMC is Dhanvantari who symbolizes our search for perfection in the arts of medicine and our desire for universal healing. The celestial healer, “Dhanvantari” was adopted as the patron of this college and it is to him that the college is dedicated.

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